2019 Opel Mokka X - Owner's Manual (253 pages)

Posted on 13 Mar, 2019
Model: 2019 Opel Mokka X
File size: 6.84 MB

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Manual Description
A resistance point can be felt when moving the lever. Constant flashing is activated when the lever is being moved beyond the resistance point. It is deactivated when the steering wheel is moved in the opposite direction or lever is manually moved back to its neutral position.

Activate temporary flashing by holding the lever just before the resistance point. Turning lights will flash until lever is being released. To activate three flashes, tap the lever briefly without passing the resistance point.

With a trailer connected, turn signal flashes six times and tone frequency changes when pressing the lever until resistance is felt and then releasing. Move the lever to the resistance point and hold for flashing until lever is released. Misted light covers: The inside of the light housing may mist up briefly in poor, wet and cold weather conditions, in heavy rain or after washing. The mist disappears quickly by itself. To help, switch on the headlights.

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