2013.5 Opel Meriva - Owner's Manual (231 pages)

Posted on 9 Mar, 2017 by Stagole
Model: 2013.5 Opel Meriva
File size: 7.49 MB

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Manual Description
Some of the personal settings for different drivers can be memorised individually for each vehicle key. Switch the turn signal off manually by moving the lever to its original position. The mist disappears quickly by itself; to help switch on the exterior lights.

Illuminate in conjunction with the front courtesy light depending on rocker switch position. The exchange of fresh air is n = cooling reduced in air recirculation mode. The via the use of air distribution and air air vents should therefore always be flow controls.

Press lower button x to decrease or upper button x to increase fan speed. Operation with cooling is not possible when the outside temperature is too low. The stop-start system is available as manually by pressing the eco button.

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