2019 Opel Karl - Owner's Manual (191 pages)

Posted on 13 Mar, 2019
Model: 2019 Opel Karl
File size: 5.49 MB

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Manual Description
Press A/C to switch on cooling. The LED in the button illuminates to indicate activation. Cooling is only functional when the engine is running and climate control fan is switched on.

Press A/C again to switch off cooling. The air conditioning system cools and dehumidifies (dries) as soon as the outside temperature is slightly above the freezing point. Therefore condensation may form and drip from under the vehicle.

If no cooling or drying is required, switch off the cooling system for fuel saving reasons. Activated cooling may inhibit Autostops. The system automatically controls the fan speed, air delivery, air conditioning, and recirculation in order to heat or cool the vehicle to the desired temperature. When the AUTO indicator light is on, the system is in full automatic operation. If the air delivery mode, fan speed, recirculation, or air conditioning setting is adjusted, the AUTO indicator turns off. To improve fuel efficiency and to cool the vehicle faster, recirculation may be automatically selected in warm weather. The recirculation light will not come on. Press 4 to select recirculation; press it again to select outside air. To turn off the system, press power m.

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