2019 Opel Insignia - Owner's Manual (347 pages)

Posted on 14 Mar, 2019
Model: 2019 Opel Insignia
File size: 9.76 MB

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Manual Description
Reverse parking function: To assist driver's orientation when parking, both corner lights and reversing light illuminate when headlights are on and reverse gear is engaged. They remain illuminated for a short time after disengaging reverse gear or until driving faster than 7 km/h in a forward gear. High beam assist: This feature allows the high beam to function as main driving light at night.

The camera in the windscreen detects the lights of oncoming or preceding vehicles. Each LED on right or left side can be triggered or faded out particularly according to the traffic situation. This gives the best light distribution without dazzling other road users.

Once activated, high beam assist remains active and switches high beam on and off depending on surrounding conditions. The latest setting of the high beam assist will remain after the ignition is switched on again.

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