2015 Opel Corsa - Owner's Manual (253 pages)

Posted on 9 Mar, 2017 by Dash
Model: 2015 Opel Corsa
File size: 7.47 MB

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Manual Description
Push the pedal crank mounts into the pedal crank recess as shown in the illustration. Fold in the lamp supports on the diagonal support and fold both pedal backs of the tail lamps. Lift cover at the rear and push it directly above the cover for the upwards at the front.

Follow the installation instructions and remove the roof rack when not in use. Distribute the load evenly and secure it properly with retaining straps. Adjust the tyre pressure and vehicle speed according to the load conditions.

Washer fluid is sprayed sensor onto the windscreen and the wiper wipes a few times. It switches electromagnetic compatibility off automatically once the element is requirements laid down in glowing. Activates or deactivates the automatic relock function after unlocking without opening the vehicle.

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