2015.5 Opel Cascada - Owner's Manual (257 pages)

Posted on 8 Mar, 2017 by Callicles
Model: 2015.5 Opel Cascada
File size: 7.68 MB

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Manual Description
It is possible that the load compartment cannot be opened until the vehicle is at a workshop. Fold the when the big wind deflector is deflector a little at the centre and mounted. Lift up the deflector at the bottom up at the lateral guide in the centre a little and remove it from the recess of the upper frame.

The soft top must not be operated if the anti-roll bars have been deployed. There should be at least one hand of clearance between head and the roof frame. Allow forth to ensure that the seat is locked the backrest to engage audibly.

Do not operate backrest inclination lever while backrest is folded forward. Lift release lever and fold backrest open the door or switch on ignition forwards. Under the armrest there is a by pressing the ß button for the storage compartment.

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