2014 Opel Adam - Owner's Manual (217 pages)

Posted on 8 Mar, 2017 by Challenger
Model: 2014 Opel Adam
File size: 6.81 MB

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Manual Description
Move seat height adjustment in the uppermost position and the headrest in the lowest position. Adjust seat backrest inclination as far as necessary to a vertical position to ensure that vehicle safety belt runs forwards from the upper anchorage point. Secure both bicycle wheels to the wheel recesses using the strap retainers.

It and turn the lock hooks to the front engages in a nearly vertical position. Check and retighten the around inside the vehicle and straps frequently. Washer fluid is sprayed sensor onto the windscreen and the wiper wipes a few times.

It switches electromagnetic compatibility off automatically once the element is requirements laid down in glowing. Seek the assistance of a switched on and extinguishes shortly workshop immediately. The switched on and extinguishes shortly considerably more force is needed engine cannot be started.

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