2005 Nissan X-Trail - Rear Suspension (Section RSU) (14 pages)

Posted on 28 Mar, 2015 by Storm
Model: 2005 Nissan X-Trail
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SERVICE DATA AND SPECIFICATIONS (SDS) 14, final tightening of bushings must be carried out under unladen condition with tyre on ground, unladen condition” means that fuel, coolant and lubricant are full and ready drive, tyre, jack, and hand tools should be unloaded.

After installing the removed suspension parts, always check wheel alignment adjust necessary, replace the caulking nut with a new one, shock absorber deformation, damage deflection, nOISE, VIBRATION AND HARSHNESS (NVH) TROUBLESHOOTING.

Use the chart below to help you find the cause of the symptom, check axle and suspension parts for excessive play, wear, damage, move rear wheels (RH/LH) to check abnormal free play, retighten all nuts and bolts specified torque.

Check strut for oil leakage damage, measure wheel alignment under unladen conditions, check the tyre for improper air pressure wear, check each mounting point of axle and suspension looseness deformation.

Check each link and arm for cracks, deformation, other damage, camber is preset at factory cannot be adjusted, : "SERVICE DATA AND SPECIFICATIONS (SDS)", measure toe-in using following procedure.

Always perform following procedure flat surface, make sure that no person is in front of the vehicle before pushing it, push the vehicle slowly ahead to rotate wheels 180 degrees, if the wheels have rotated more than 180 degrees (1/2 turn), try.

The above procedure again from beginning, refer "SERVICE DATA AND SPECIFICATIONS (SDS)", if measured value is outside standard, adjust it with adjusting, be sure to adjust equally on RH and LH side with adjusting.

Remove brake hose lock plate and remove brake hose strut, remove mounting nuts and washers on upper portion stabilizer connecting rod, remove strut-to-axle housing mounting bolts nuts, remove luggage side lower finisher in luggage compartment.

Refer to "Components" for tightening torque, install strut attachment (SST) to strut and fix it vise, when installing a strut attachment (SST), cover strut with, remove cap and slightly loosen piston rod lock nut.

Do not remove piston rod lock nut completely, removed completely, coil spring jumps out may cause, compress coil spring using spring compressor (commercial, be sure spring compressor is securely attached to coil spring.

After making sure coil spring is free between upper and lower seats after Step 3, q Remove strut spacer, strut mounting insulator, strut mounting insulator bracket, spring upper seat, upper rubber seat, and bound bumper, gradually release spring compressor, remove coil spring.

Check strut for deformation, cracks, and damage, replace necessary, check piston rod for damage, uneven wear, and distortion, replace necessary, check welded and sealed areas for oil leakage, replace necessary, check strut mount insulator for cracks and rubber parts for wear.

Check coil spring for cracks, deformation, and damage, replace necessary, compress coil spring using a spring compressor (SST), q Install coil spring with its identification paint facing down, align its lower end with spring seat on strut shown.

Q Be sure spring compressor is securely attached coil, q Attach bound bumper, upper rubber seat, spring upper seat, strut mount insulator and strut spacer.

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