2005 Nissan X-Trail - Fuel System (Section FL) (26 pages)

Posted on 28 Mar, 2015 by BioFanatic
Model: 2005 Nissan X-Trail
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Removing and installing fuel tank lock ring, inspect fuel lines, filler cap and tank improper attachment, leaks, cracks, damage, loose connections, chafing deterioration, if necessary, repair replace damaged parts.

When replacing fuel line parts, be sure observe following, put a CAUTION: INFLAMMABLE” sign workshop, be sure to work in a well ventilated area and furnish workshop with CO2 fire extinguisher, do not smoke while servicing fuel system.

Use gasoline required by the regulations for octane number, before removing fuel line parts, perform following procedures, put drained fuel in an explosion-proof container and put the lid on securely, release fuel pressure from the fuel lines.

EURO-OBD) or "FUEL PRESSURE RELEASE" (WITHOUT EURO-OBD), disconnect the battery cable negative terminal, always replace O-rings and clamps with new ones, do not kink or twist tubes when they being installed.

Do not tighten hose clamps excessively avoid damaging hoses, after connecting fuel tube quick connectors, make sure, ensure that connector and resin tube do not contact any, after installing tubes, check if there are no fuel leaks at connections following steps.

Apply fuel pressure to fuel lines with turning ignition switch, start engine and rev it up and check for fuel leaks connections, for servicing Evaporative Emission System” parts, refer, "EVAPORATIVE EMISSION SYSTEM" (WITH EUROODB) or EC-962, "EVAPORATIVE EMISSION SYSTEM".

FUEL LEVEL SENSOR UNIT, FUEL FILTER AND FUEL PUMP ASSEMBLY, main fuel level sensor unit, fuel filter, jet pump, fuel hose jet pump, be sure to read General Precautions” when working on the fuel system.

Level as shown in the figure (full or almost full), drain fuel, fuel tank until gauge indicates level as shown figure, fuel will be spilled when removing main and sub fuel level sensor units for the top of the fuel is above the main sub fuel, q As a guide, fuel level becomes the position shown.

Figure or below when approximately 15, fuel are drained fuel tank, q In case fuel pump does not operate, perform following, draw fuel fuel filler tube.

Remove inspection hole cover for main and sub fuel level sensor units by turning clips clockwise by 90 degrees, q Remove cover by pushing it, then by turning clips clockwise, disconnect harness connector fuel feed hose, hold the sides of connector, push in tabs and pull out fuel feed.

If quick connector sticks to tube of fuel level sensor unit, push, and pull quick connector several times until it starts move, then disconnect quick connector by pulling, q Quick connector can be disconnected when tabs.

Q Keep resin tube away from heat, when welding near resin tube, q Prevent acid liquid such battery electrolyte, etc, the equivalent) except when resin tube retainer.

Q When resin tube or hard tube (or equivalent), replaced, also replace retainer with new one, q Replace same color retainer before replacing.

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