2005 Nissan Titan - Parking Brake System (Section PB) (10 pages)

Posted on 27 Mar, 2015 by Punkxwado
Model: 2005 Nissan Titan
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Manual Description
SERVICE DATA AND SPECIFICATIONS (SDS) 9, measuring rear rotor drum parking, when parking brake pedal is operated with the specified force, make sure the stroke within specified, make sure the components are attached properly (check looseness, backlash, etc.

Check parking brake pedal assembly for bend, damage and cracks, replace necessary, check cable for wear and damage, replace necessary, check parking brake warning lamp switch for malfunction, replace necessary, remove the wheel and tire using power tool.

Insert a deep socket wrench to rotate adjusting nut loosen, do not reuse adjusting nut after removing it, remove the rotor and measure inner diameter widest point, parking brake shoes, adjust accordingly.

Using wheel nuts, secure disc to hub and prevent it tilting, rotate disc rotor to make sure there no drag, operate pedal or more times with a force of 490 N (50 kg, rotate adjusting nut with deep socket to adjust pedal stroke.

With pedal completely returned, make sure there no drag, on models with floor shift, remove center console, remove the lock plate front cable, remove front cable retaining bolts nut.

Disconnect the front cable from the equalizer remove front, installation is in the reverse order removal, clean the brakes with a vacuum dust collector to minimize the hazard of airborne particles other, remove the disc rotor only with the parking brake pedal completely released position.

Check shoe sliding surface on back plate for excessive wear damage, check anti-rattle pins for excessive wear corrosion, when disassembling adjuster, apply PBC (Poly Butyl Cuprysil) grease or equivalent threads, to "RECOMMENDED FLUIDS AND LUBRICANTS".

Check either visually or with a vernier caliper to see if there is any excessive wear, cracks, damage, refer to "COMPONENTS" and apply brake grease to the specified points during assembly, assemble adjuster so that threaded part expands when rotating, it in the direction shown by arrow.

After replacing brake shoes or disc rotors, or if brakes do not function well, perform break-in operation follows, to prevent lining from getting too hot, allow cool off, period of approximately 5 minutes after every break-in, do not perform excessive break-in operations, because it may cause uneven or early wear lining.

Perform parking brake burnishing operation by driving the vehicle forward under following conditions, vehicle speed at 40 km/h (25 MPH), parking brake operating force of 196 N (20, after burnishing operation, check pedal stroke of parking brake.

SERVICE DATA AND SPECIFICATIONS (SDS), number of notches [under force of 196 N (20, number of notches when warning lamp switch comes...

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