1993 Nissan Sentra - BRAKE SYSTEM (BR) (19 pages)

Posted on 26 Mar, 2015 by Virge
Model: 1993 Nissan Sentra
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Manual Description
Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) allows driver maintain, steering control during heavy braking by fluctuating brakeline, (for diagnostic usage), wheel speed sensors, actuator (electrohydraulic unit) and an ANTI-LOCK warning light located dash, aNTI-LOCK warning light comes on to warn driver problem.

For more brake system information, see appropriate DISC &, as vehicle is moving, each wheel speed sensor sends an AC, deceleration rate of wheels through wheel speed sensors, if deceleration rate from any speed sensor reaches.

Preprogrammed rate, ECU activates solenoid valves inside actuator, or maintain hydraulic pressure to each brake caliper depending upon, when brake pedal is released, ECU will deactivate solenoid, valves, and system will return to conventional brake system operation.

CAUTION: See ANTI-LOCK BRAKE SAFETY PRECAUTIONS article, nEVER open a bleeder valve or loosen hydraulic line while, nEVER disconnect or reconnect any electrical connectors while, dO NOT attempt to bleed hydraulic system without first.

Only use specially designed brake hoses/lines ABS-equipped, speed rings must be pressed, NOT hammered into hubs, these components can cause demagnetization loss, polarization, affecting the accuracy speed signal.

Returning to ABS control unit, remain close to the original diameter, acceptable, diameter must be identical for all 4 tires, manufacturers recommend tires of the same brand, style.

DO NOT contaminate speed sensor components with grease, when speed sensor components have been removed, ALWAYS check, can be found each appropriate article, when installing transmitting devices (CB's, telephones, etc.

On ABS-equipped vehicles, DO NOT locate antenna near, aBS control unit (or any control unit), disconnect all on-board computers, when using electric, high heat F/85 C for 2 hours generally considered.

To bleed brake system, unplug electrical connectors, following sequence: left rear caliper, right front caliper, right rear, caliper, left front caliper, front air bleeder ABS actuator, rear air bleeder ABS actuator.

BRAKE PEDAL HEIGHT & FREE PLAY, pressure face of pedal pad to floor pan melt sheet, not as specified, loosen brake booster input rod lock nut, raise and support rear of vehicle.

Press brake pedal at least 5 times to remove slack rear brakes, pull parking brake lever 4-5 notches, adjusting nut until lever moves 7-8 notches with 44 lbs, switches are on brake pedal bracket.

Clearance between brake pedal stopper and switch not, cluster does not come on, go to DIAGNOSTIC PROCEDURE NO, starting engine, go to RETRIEVING CODES under DIAGNOSIS & TESTING, if light goes off after starting engine, drive vehicle.

Fault has been detected by ECU, to RETRIEVING CODES under DIAGNOSIS & TESTING, if light does not come on after engine started, aBS Works, But ANTI-LOCK Light Comes On.

ANTI-LOCK Light Does Not Come On, aNTI-LOCK Light Comes On, But LED Does Not Flash, see ECU POWER & GROUND CIRCUITS under DIAGNOSIS & TESTING.

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