2002 Nissan Quest - Fuel & Exhaust Systems (Section FE) (10 pages)

Posted on 21 Mar, 2015 by Kilian
Model: 2002 Nissan Quest
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Manual Description
The actual shapes of Kent-Moore tools may differ from those of special service tools illustrated here, loosening or tightening rear heated oxygen sensor, for disconnecting fuel tube quick connectors, before installing a new oxygen sensor.

A: diameter, Zirconia oxygen sensor, a: diameter, Titania oxygen sensor, ¼ When removing accelerator wire, make a mark to indicate lock nut's initial position, ¼ Check that throttle valve opens fully when accelerator pedal is fully depressed.

Returns to idle position when pedal released, ¼ Check accelerator control parts for improper contact with any adjacent parts, ¼ When connecting accelerator wire, be careful not to twist or scratch its inner wire, ¼ For ASCD wire adjustment refer to EL-236, ASCD Wire Adjustment”.

Adjust accelerator wire with the engine warmed up normal, operating temperature and ignition switch turned OFF, when replacing fuel line parts, be sure observe following, ¼ Put a CAUTION: INFLAMMABLE” sign workshop.

¼ Do not smoke while servicing fuel system, flames and sparks away work area, ¼ Be sure to furnish the workshop with CO2 fire extinguisher, ¼ Before removing fuel line parts, carry out following.

A) Put drained fuel in an explosion-proof container put, b) Release fuel pressure from fuel line, ¼ Remove quick connectors with Commercial Service Tool, ¼ Always replace O-ring with new one.

¼ Do not tighten hose clamps excessively avoid damaging hoses, ¼ When installing fuel check valve, be careful of its designated direction, ¼ After installation, run engine and check fuel leaks, release fuel pressure fuel line.

Refer to Changing Fuel Filter”, ¼ To prevent damaging fuel lines, remove quick connectors, ¼ Keep the connecting portion of the tubes quick connector clean, put mating marks on tubes and connectors correct installation.

Hold side of connector, slide tool inside quick connector, open retainer and pull tube out quick connector, remove tank mounting band bolts while supporting fuel tank, to install, reverse the removal procedure.

¼ Be sure that the connecting portion clean smooth, ¼ Insert tube into the center of the connector until you hear, after connecting quick connectors, make sure connection, firmly made using following method.

¼ Pull on the fuel tube and connector to make sure they firmly, ¼ Start the engine, increase engine speed verify that there, for removal of quick connectors, refer to step 7 FUEL, disconnect fuel tubes electrical connectors.

Installation procedure is the reverse order removal, ¼ Tighten bolts specified torque, ¼ After installation, run engine and check leaks connectors, do not overtorque the flare nut, otherwise it may damage.

¼ Always replace exhaust gaskets with new ones when reassembling, ¼ With engine running, check all tube connections for exhaust gas leaks, entire system, ¼ Check to ensure that mounting brackets and mounting insulators are installed properly free, ¼ Discard any heated oxygen sensor which has been dropped from a height of more than 0.

In) onto a hard surface such as a concrete floor; use new one, ¼ Before installing new heated oxygen sensor, clean exhaust system threads using Oxygen Sensor, thread Cleaner tool J-43897–18 or J-43897–12 approved anti-seize lubricant.

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