2005 Nissan Pathfinder - Engine L System (Section Lu) (16 pages)

Posted on 26 Mar, 2015 by Doppio
Model: 2005 Nissan Pathfinder
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SERVICE DATA AND SPECIFICATIONS (SDS) 15, remove old liquid gasket adhering to the liquid gasket application surface and the mating surface, Using scraper, g Remove liquid gasket completely from the groove liquid, gasket application surface, bolts, bolt holes.

Thoroughly clean the mating surfaces remove adhering, attach liquid gasket tube Tool, use Genuine RTV Silicone Sealant equivalent, apply liquid gasket without breaks to specified location with.

As for the bolt holes, normally apply liquid gasket inside, make sure to read the text service manual, g Within five minutes of liquid gasket application, install mating component, g If liquid gasket protrudes, wipe it off immediately.

G Do not retighten nuts or bolts after installation, g After minutes or more have passed installation, fill, if there are specific instructions in manual, observe them, the actual shapes of Kent-Moore tools may differ from those of special service tools illustrated here.

Maximum measuring range: 2,452 kPa (25, adapting oil pressure gauge oil pan (upper), pressing the tube liquid gasket, removing and installing oil pressure sensor.

Before starting the engine make sure the vehicle is parked on a flat and level surface, then check oil level, if the engine is already running, turn it off and allow 10 minutes before checking, check engine oil for white milky excessive contamination, if engine oil becomes milky, it is highly probable that it is contaminated with engine coolant.

Check for oil leakage around following areas, intake valve timing control cover and intake valve timing control solenoid valve, mating surface between cylinder block cylinder head, mating surface between lower cylinder block cylinder block.

Mating surface between cylinder head rocker cover, mating surface between front timing chain case and rear timing chain case, mating surface between rear timing chain case cylinder head, mating surface between rear timing chain case cylinder block.

Mating surface between rear timing chain case lower cylinder block, mating surface between rear timing chain case oil pan (upper), crankshaft oil seals (front rear), be careful not to burn yourself, as engine oil may be hot.

Oil pressure check should be done in Parking position” (A/T models), do not drop or shock oil pressure sensor, start engine and warm it up normal operating temperature, check oil pressure with engine running under no-load.

When engine oil temperature is low, engine oil pressure becomes high, engine oil pressure [Engine oil temperature 80°C (176°F)], if difference is extreme, check oil passage and oil pump oil leaks, after the inspections, install oil pressure sensor follows.

Remove old liquid gasket adhering to oil presser sensor engine, apply liquid gasket and tighten oil pressure sensor specification, use Genuine RTV Silicone Sealant or equivalent, after warming up engine, make sure there is no leakage of engine oil with running engine.

Prolonged and repeated contact with used engine oil may cause skin cancer; try avoid direct, skin contact with used engine oil, be sure to clean drain plug and install with new washer, refer to "RECOMMENDED FLUIDS AND LUBRICANTS".

G When filling engine oil, do not pull out oil level gauge, g The refill capacity depends on the engine oil temperature and drain time, g Always use oil level gauge to determine the proper amount of engine oil engine.

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