2019 Nissan Murano - Owner's Manual (516 pages)

Posted on 6 Jan, 2019
Model: 2019 Nissan Murano
File size: 6.11 MB

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Manual Description
The following are operating limitations and do not represent a system malfunction: ∙ When the temperature is extremely high or low, the screen may not clearly display objects. When strong light directly shines on the camera, objects may not be displayed clearly. Vertical lines may be seen in objects on the screen.

This is due to strong reflected light from the bumper. The screen may flicker under fluorescent light. The colors of objects on the RearView Monitor may differ somewhat from the actual color of objects.

Objects on the monitor may not be clear in a dark environment. There may be a delay when switching between views. If dirt, rain or snow accumulate on the camera, the RearView Monitor may not display objects clearly. Clean the camera. Do not use wax on the camera lens. Wipe off any wax with a clean cloth dampened with a diluted mild cleaning agent, then wipe with a dry cloth.

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