2011 Nissan Leaf - Ventilation System (Section VTL) (22 pages)

Posted on 25 Mar, 2015 by Varagor
Model: 2011 Nissan Leaf
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Manual Description
Point to Be Checked Before Starting Maintenance, precaution for Removing 12V Battery 3, (SRS) "AIR BAG" and "SEAT BELT PRE-TENSIONER" 3, precaution for Procedure without Cowl Top Cover 4.

SIDE VENTILATOR GRILLE : Removal Installation14, sIDE DEFROSTER GRILLE : Removal Installation15, cENTER VENTILATOR DUCT : Removal Installation15, sIDE VENTILATOR DUCT : Removal Installation16.

FRONT DEFROSTER NOZZLE : Removal Installation16, sIDE DEFROSTER NOZZLE 1 : Removal Installation17, sIDE DEFROSTER NOZZLE 2 : Removal Installation17, fOOT DUCT : Removal Installation17.

VENTILATION SYSTEM : System Description 10, cENTER VENTILATOR GRILLE : Removal, if a technician uses a medical electric device such as an implantable cardiac pacemaker an, implantable cardioverter defibrillator, the possible effects on the devices must be checked with.

Device manufacturer before starting charge operation, as radiated electromagnetic wave generated by on board charger at normal charge operation may, effect medical electric devices, a technician using a medical electric device such as implantable cardiac pacemaker or an implantable cardioverter defibrillator must not enter vehicle compartment, (including luggage room) during normal charge operation.

Point to Be Checked Before Starting Maintenance Work, the high voltage system may starts automatically, and timer charge (during EVSE connection) are not set before starting maintenance work, if the timer air conditioner or timer charge (during EVSE connection) is set, the high voltage system starts.

Automatically even when the power switch OFF state, when removing the 12V battery, turn ON/OFF the power switch and check that the charging status indicator H, the automatic 12V battery charge control may start even when the power switch OFF state, the automatic 12V battery charge control does not start within approximately one hour when power VTL.

Precaution for Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) "AIR BAG" "SEAT BELT, the Supplemental Restraint System such as AIR BAG” and SEAT BELT PRE-TENSIONER”, used along, with a front seat belt, helps to reduce the risk or severity of injury to the driver and front passenger certain, system uses the seat belt switches to determine the front air bag deployment, and may only deploy one front.

Air bag, depending on the severity of a collision and whether the front occupants belted unbelted, information necessary to service the system safely is included in the SRS AIR BAG” and SEAT BELT”, always observe the following items preventing accidental activation, to avoid rendering the SRS inoperative, which could increase the risk of personal injury death.

The event of a collision that would result in air bag inflation, all maintenance must be performed by, improper maintenance, including incorrect removal and installation of the SRS, can lead personal, injury caused by unintentional activation of the system, never use electrical test equipment on any circuit related to the SRS unless instructed to in this Service Manual.

When working near the Air Bag Diagnosis Sensor Unit or other Air Bag System sensors with, power switch ON, never use air or electric power tools or strike near the sensor(s) with hammer, heavy vibration could activate the sensor(s) and deploy the air bag(s), possibly causing serious, pRECAUTIONS WHEN USING POWER TOOLS (AIR OR ELECTRIC) AND HAMMERS.

When using air or electric power tools or hammers, always switch the power switch OFF, disconnect, the battery, and wait at least 3 minutes before performing any service, precaution for Procedure without Cowl Top Cover, when performing the procedure after removing cowl top cover, cover.

The lower end of windshield with urethane, etc prevent damage, removes clips, pawls, metal clips, this system utilizes an A/C unit that combines the blower unit, heater unit, cooling unit, an in-cabin microfilter is installed downstream of blower fan motor.

A grille with shutter is installed on the center ventilators (1) and side ventilators (2), adjusted by opening closing grille, a front defroster (1) is used for defogging the front window and side defrosters (2) are used defogging.

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