2011 Nissan Leaf - Navigation Manual (251 pages)

Posted on 25 Mar, 2015 by Goofball
Model: 2011 Nissan Leaf
File size: 15.05 MB

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Manual Description
NISSAN NAVIGATION SYSTEM HELPDESK CONTACT INFORMATION, for assistance or inquiries about NISSAN, navigation System, or order updated map, data, contact the NISSAN NAVIGATION SYSTEM HELPDESK at.

Warranty, service general questions, contact, the NISSAN Consumer Affairs Department at, thank you for purchasing NISSAN vehicle, this user's manual is navigation system.

For the NISSAN Navigation System offered, please read this manual carefully ensure safe, manual may not apply your vehicle, all information, specifications and illustrations in this manual are those effect.

To change specifications design any, do not remove this manual vehicle, this navigation system may need manual, model EDITED: 2010/ 11/ 16.

(NAVI NORTH) EDITED: 2010/ 11/ 16, how to use manual 0-2, this manual uses special words, symbols, please refer to the following items familiarize.

Indicates items that help you understand, this is used to indicate presence, a hazard that could cause death, reduce the risk, procedures must.

This indicates information that necessary, efficient use of your vehicle accessories, this indicates the title and page that you should, this system is primarily designed help you.

Reach your destination, it also performs, other functions as outlined manual, however, you, the driver, must use system, services may not always be up-to-date.

System is not a substitute safe, proper, before using the navigation system, please read, a hazard that could cause minor, the procedures must be followed carefully.

When the driver wants operate, the navigation system, first park, vehicle in a safe location set, driver and may result serious.

Do not rely route guidance alone, always be sure that all driving, this indicates a key/item displayed, this indicates an operation by voice command.

If you notice any foreign objects, the system hardware, spill liquid, the system or notice smoke, smell coming from it, stop using.

To accidents, fire electrical shock, do not use this system you notice, screen or the lack of sound, in accidents, fire electrical shock.

Could affect the performance system, do not keep the navigation system running with, the READY to drive indicator light OFF.

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