2014 Nissan Frontier - Sonar System (Section SN) (27 pages)

Posted on 25 Mar, 2015 by Davek
Model: 2014 Nissan Frontier
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POWER SUPPLY AND GROUND CIRCUIT 9, sONAR SYSTEM OFF SWITCH CIRCUIT INSPECTION12, (SRS) "AIR BAG" "SEAT BELT PRE-TENSIONER"24, interview the customer to obtain detailed information about symptom.

Repair or replace applicable parts, the purpose of the sonar sensor preliminary check is to confirm that there are no outside factors affecting, check that the sonar sensors are properly aligned (no deformation sensor mounting areas), check that snow, mud or other foreign objects are not adhering sonar sensors.

Check that there is no deformation, scratches or other damage sonar sensors, check that water has not accumulated sonar sensors, use water, cotton swab, or other soft material cleaning sensors, check that there are no obstacles within each sonar sensor's detection range.

Check that there are no nearby ultrasound sources such as the sounds vehicle horns, motorcycle, check that the vehicle is level surface, with power and ground supplied, transmission gear selector lever in R position, and sonar system OFF, switch ON, the rear sonar system will detect obstacles within 1.

Vehicle operator is notified of obstacles by varied rate of tone from the rear sonar buzzer depending on distance obstacle being sensed, with power and ground supplied to the sonar control unit, transmission gear selector lever R position, sonar system can be disabled and the sonar buzzer silenced by momentarily pressing sonar system OFF, the rear sonar system and buzzer will be disabled and the sonar system OFF indicator will be illuminated until.

The ignition switch is turned OFF, depressing the sonar system OFF switch again will enable the rear sonar system also, sonar system will cause the rear sonar system OFF indicator to go out, with power and ground supplied to the sonar control unit and the A/T selector lever in R position, stationary.

Object that is at least 7, detected by the rear sonar sensors, causing the rear sonar buzzer to sound a tone, closer to the object, the rate of the tone will increase, rear bumper, the tone will sound continuously.

With power and ground supplied to the rear sonar sensors, the sonar sensors transmit an ultrasonic signal, this signal is reflected back to the sensor by objects large enough and close enough to be detected, sonar sensors measure the time from the transmitted signal to the time the signal is reflected back sends, this information to sonar control unit.

The back-up lamp relay provides a reverse signal to sonar control unit, the back-up lamp switch provides a reverse signal to sonar control unit, sonar control unit M93 (above left low- 2, rear sonar buzzer M92 (view with.

Back-up lamp relay E45 (with A/T), back-up lamp switch F69 (with M/T), rear sonar sensor LH outer C227, rear sonar sensor LH inner C228.

Rear sonar sensor RH inner C229, rear sonar sensor RH outer C230, controls sonar system provides self-diagnosis, provides reverse signal sonar control unit.

Sounds a signal when objects are detected in the rear vehicle, enables the driver to turn system off and signals system malfunction, senses objects in the rear vehicle, always perform Preliminary Check before running Self-Diagnosis Function.

There are four modes of self-diagnosis, self-diagnosis can be manually exited by turning the ignition OFF or selecting reverse gear, exit unless a fault code request occurs before a message is repeated five times without acknowledgement, lamp illuminates for three seconds then turns off.

Immediately push sonar system OFF switch ten times within five, the rear sonar buzzer will sound once sonar system, rEQUESTING NUMBER OF FAULT CODES MODE.

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