2014 Nissan Frontier - Engine L System (Section Lu) (34 pages)

Posted on 25 Mar, 2015 by Lurked
Model: 2014 Nissan Frontier
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Manual Description
(SRS) "AIR BAG" and "SEAT BELT PRE-TENSIONER" 3, (SRS) "AIR BAG" "SEAT BELT PRE-TENSIONER"17, precaution for Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) "AIR BAG" "SEAT BELT, the Supplemental Restraint System such as AIR BAG” and SEAT BELT PRE-TENSIONER”, used along.

With a front seat belt, helps to reduce the risk or severity of injury to the driver and front passenger certain, system uses the seat belt switches to determine the front air bag deployment, and may only deploy one front, air bag, depending on the severity of a collision and whether the front occupants belted unbelted, information necessary to service the system safely is included in the SR and SB section Service Manual.

To avoid rendering the SRS inoperative, which could increase the risk of personal injury death, the event of a collision which would result in air bag inflation, all maintenance must be performed by, improper maintenance, including incorrect removal and installation of the SRS, can lead personal, injury caused by unintentional activation of the system.

PRECAUTIONS WHEN USING POWER TOOLS (AIR OR ELECTRIC) AND HAMMERS, when working near the Airbag Diagnosis Sensor Unit or other Airbag System sensors with the Ignition ON or engine running, DO NOT use air or electric power tools or strike near sensor(s) with, when using air or electric power tools or hammers, always switch the Ignition OFF, disconnect, battery, and wait at least three minutes before performing any service.

After removing the bolts and nuts, separate mating surface, remove the old liquid gasket using Tool, do not damage mating surfaces, tap the seal cutter insert it (1).

In areas where the Tool is difficult to use, lightly tap slide it (2), surface and the mating surface using suitable tool, remove the liquid gasket completely from groove, liquid gasket application surface, bolts, bolt holes.

Attach the liquid gasket tube Tool, use Genuine RTV Silicone Sealant equivalent, apply the liquid gasket without breaks specified location, normally apply the liquid gasket on the inside edge bolt.

Within five minutes of liquid gasket application, install mating component, if the liquid gasket protrudes, wipe it off immediately, do not retighten after installation, wait minutes or more after installation before refilling.

If there are more specific instructions in the procedures contained in this manual concerning liquid gasket application, observe them, the actual shape of the tools may differ those illustrated here, adapting oil pressure gauge oil pan (upper), removing oil pan front cover, etc.

Pressing the tube liquid gasket, removing and installing oil pressure switch, before starting the engine make sure the vehicle is parked flat, and level surface, then check the oil level.

Running, turn it off and allow 10 minutes before checking, pull out oil level gauge wipe clean, check that the oil level is within the low (L) and high (H) range, "FOR USA AND CANADA : Fluids Lubricants".

Do not overfill engine with oil, check the engine oil for a white milky appearance excessive contamination, check for engine oil leakage around following area, intake valve timing control cover and intake valve timing control solenoid valve.

Mating surface between cylinder block lower cylinder block, mating surface between cylinder block cylinder head, mating surface between cylinder head rocker cover, crankshaft oil seals (front rear).

Do not drop or shock oil pressure switch, start the engine and warm it up normal operating temperature, check the engine oil pressure with engine running under no-load.

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