2014 Nissan Frontier - Body Repair (Section BRM) (83 pages)

Posted on 25 Mar, 2015 by Future
Model: 2014 Nissan Frontier
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Manual Description

M: Metallic; S: 1- Coat Solid, 2S: 2-Coat Solid, 2P: 2-Coat Pearl, PM: Pearl + Metallic, t: Primerless carbamate clear coat, precaution for Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) "AIR BAG" "SEAT BELT, the Supplemental Restraint System such as AIR BAG” and SEAT BELT PRE-TENSIONER”, used along, with a front seat belt, helps to reduce the risk or severity of injury to the driver and front passenger certain.

System uses the seat belt switches to determine the front air bag deployment, and may only deploy one front, air bag, depending on the severity of a collision and whether the front occupants belted unbelted, information necessary to service the system safely is included in the SR and SB section Service Manual, to avoid rendering the SRS inoperative, which could increase the risk of personal injury death.

The event of a collision which would result in air bag inflation, all maintenance must be performed by, improper maintenance, including incorrect removal and installation of the SRS, can lead personal, injury caused by unintentional activation of the system, pRECAUTIONS WHEN USING POWER TOOLS (AIR OR ELECTRIC) AND HAMMERS.

When working near the Airbag Diagnosis Sensor Unit or other Airbag System sensors with the Ignition ON or engine running, DO NOT use air or electric power tools or strike near sensor(s) with, when using air or electric power tools or hammers, always switch the Ignition OFF, disconnect, battery and wait at least three minutes before performing any service, when repairing and painting a portion of the body adjacent to plastic parts, consider their characteristics.

(influence of heat and solvent) and remove them if necessary or take suitable measures protect them, plastic parts should be repaired and painted using methods suiting materials, characteristics, front side member extension assembly (RH/LH), front upper link mounting bracket (RH/LH).

To provide improved corrosion prevention, the following anti-corrosive measures have been implemented, to improve repairability and corrosion resistance, a new type of anticorrosive pre-coated steel sheet has been adopted replacing conventional zinc-coated steel sheet, galvannealed steel is electroplated and heated form Zinc-iron, alloy, which provides excellent and long term corrosion resistance.

NISSAN Genuine Service Parts fabricated galvannealed, or equivalent be used for panel replacement to maintain the anti-corrosive performance built into the vehicle factory, phosphate Coating Treatment Cationic Electrodeposition Primer, a phosphate coating treatment and cationic electrode position.

Primer, which provide excellent corrosion protection, employed, nISSAN Genuine Service Parts are also treated in the same manner, or equivalent be used for panel replacement to maintain anti-corrosive performance built into the vehicle factory, confine paint removal during welding operations an absolute.

To improve corrosion resistance, anti-corrosive wax is applied inside the body sill and inside other closed sections, the underside of the floor and wheelhouse are undercoated to prevent rust, vibration, noise and stone chipping, do not apply undercoating to any place unless specified (such as the areas above muffler three, way catalyst which subjected heat).

Do not undercoat the exhaust pipe or other parts which become hot, the following figure shows the areas which are sealed at the factory, areas should be smooth and free from cuts or gaps, sealant and not to allow other unaffected parts to come into contact with sealant.

A mark has been placed on each part of the body to indicate the vehicle center, repair will be possible by using these marks together with body alignment specifications, a mark has been placed on each body panel to indicate the parts matching positions, damaged by an accident which might affect the vehicle structure (members, pillars, etc.

Effective repair will be possible by using these marks together with body alignment specifications, all dimensions indicated in figures actual, when using a tracking gauge, adjust both pointers to equal length, to make sure there no free play.

When a measuring tape is used, check to be sure there is no elongation, twisting bending, measurements should be taken at the center mounting holes, an asterisk (*) following the value at the measuring point indicates that the measuring point other side.

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