2001 Nissan Frontier - Front & Rear Axle (Section AX) (38 pages)

Posted on 24 Mar, 2015 by Whiteranger
Model: 2001 Nissan Frontier
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When installing rubber parts, final tightening must be carried out under unladen condition* with tires ground, *: Fuel, radiator coolant and engine oil full, hand tools and mats designated positions, ¼ Use flare nut wrench when removing installing brake.

¼ After installing removed suspension parts, check wheel, ¼ Always torque brake lines when installing, ¼ The type (wheel side) joint assembly has two types, of boot material; one is made of rubber other.

The actual shapes of Kent-Moore tools may differ from those of special service tools illustrated here, removing ball joint knuckle spindle, removing and installing wheel bearing lock nut, removing and installing each brake piping.

Noise, Vibration Harshness (NVH) Troubleshooting, use the chart below to help you find the cause of the symptom, check front axle parts for excessive play, cracks, wear other, ¼ Shake each front wheel to check excessive play.

If looseness is noted, adjust wheel bearing end play, then, ¼ Make sure that the cotter pin inserted, ¼ Retighten all nuts and bolts specified torque, check that wheel bearings operate smoothly.

Axial end play: 0 mm (0 in), adjust wheel bearing preload if there is any axial end play, wheel bearing does not turn smoothly, adjust wheel bearing preload after wheel bearing has been.

Replaced or front axle has been reassembled, ¼ Contact surface between lock washer outer wheel bearing, tighten wheel bearing lock nut specified torque, turn wheel hub several times in both directions seat wheel.

Again tighten wheel bearing lock nut specified torque, turn wheel bearing lock nut back 45 degrees, measure wheel bearing preload axial end play, (As measured wheel hub bolt).

Repeat above procedures until correct bearing preload obtained, adjust wheel bearing preload follows, apply multi-purpose grease sparingly following parts, contact surface between wheel bearing washer outer.

Wheel hub (as shown at left) 18 - 23 g (0, tighten wheel bearing lock nut with Tool, turn wheel hub several times both directions, loosen wheel bearing lock nut so that torque becomes 0 N·m.

Retighten wheel bearing lock nut with Tool, measure wheel bearing axial end play, ¼ Check for grease leakage damage, auto-lock free-running hubs are locked by placing transfer case.

Into the mode and moving the vehicle, placing the transfer case into 2WD mode moving vehicle, in reverse gear in a straight line for at least 2–3 meters (7–10, in most cases, the ratcheting” noise sometimes heard auto-lock.

Free-running hubs occurs when one hub is locked opposite, the right front hub is still locked and is not unlocking, or by incorrect operation on the part of vehicle driver, example by not backing up in a straight line to unlock hubs, by.

Not backing up enough, or by shifting into 4WD at too high vehicle, the ratcheting noise does not necessarily cause damage, use the trouble diagnosis chart to isolate the cause noise.

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