2003 Nissan Altima - Fuel System (Section FL) (10 pages)

Posted on 22 Mar, 2015 by Setsu
Model: 2003 Nissan Altima
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Manual Description
FUEL LEVEL SENSOR UNIT, FUEL FILTER AND, sERVICE DATA AND SPECIFICATIONS (SDS) 10, the actual shape of the Kent-Moore tools may differ from those tools illustrated here, removing and installing fuel tank lock ring.

Inspect fuel lines, filler cap and tank improper attachment, leaks, cracks, damage, loose connections, chafing deterioration, if necessary, repair or replace faulty parts necessary, when replacing fuel line parts, be sure observe following.

Put a CAUTION: FLAMMABLE” sign work area, be sure to work in a well ventilated area and have CO2 fire extinguisher, do not smoke while working on the fuel system, before removing fuel line parts, carry out following procedures.

Put drained fuel in an explosion-proof container and put the lid on securely, release fuel pressure from the fuel lines, always replace O-rings and clamps with new ones, do not kink or twist tubes when they being installed.

Do not tighten hose clamps excessively avoid damaging hoses, tighten high-pressure rubber hose clamp so that clamp, tightening torque specifications are the same all rubber, ensure that screw does not contact adjacent parts.

After connecting the fuel tube quick connectors, make sure, ensure that the connector and resin tube do not contact, a) Apply fuel pressure to the fuel lines by turning the ignition switch to ON (without starting engine), for fuel leaks at fuel tube connections.

B) Start the engine and rev the engine, then check fuel, leaks at fuel tube connections, after installing tubes, run engine and check fuel leaks, use only a genuine NISSAN fuel filler cap replacement.

If an incorrect fuel filler cap is used, the MIL may come on, for servicing Evaporative Emission System” parts, refer, for servicing On Board Refueling Vapor Recovery, (ORVR)” parts, refer to EC-624, "ON BOARD REFUELING.

VAPOR RECOVERY (ORVR)" (QR25DE), EC-1303, "ON, fUEL LEVEL SENSOR UNIT, FUEL FILTER AND FUEL PUMP ASSEMBLY, fuel level sensor unit, fuel filter, read General Precautions” before working fuel system.

Fuel level sensor unit, fuel filter, fuel pump assembly, remove the quick connector follows, q Hold the sides of the connector, push in tubs pull out, several times until they start to move.

Q Keep the resin tube away from heat, q Prevent acid liquid such as battery electrolyte, etc, q Only when the tube is replaced, remove the remaining retainer on the tube fuel level sensor, fuel filter, fuel pump assembly.

Q When the tube or fuel level sensor, fuel filter, and fuel pump assembly replaced, also replace, the retainer with a new one (green colored retainer), q To keep the connecting portion clean and to avoid damage and foreign materials, cover them completely with, remove the lock ring using Tool shown.

Remove the fuel level sensor, fuel filter, fuel pump assembly, do not bend the float arm during removal, make sure the fuel level sensor, fuel filter, and fuel pump is free from defects foreign materials, installation is in the reverse order removal.

Install the fuel level sensor, fuel filter, fuel pump assembly, with the front mark (arrow) facing the front vehicle, connect the quick connector follows.

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