2019 Nissan 370Z - Owner's Manual (460 pages)

Posted on 19 Jun, 2019
Model: 2019 Nissan 370Z
File size: 2.28 MB

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Manual Description
In such cases, correct the operating conditions before using the Intelligent Key function or use the mechanical key. Although the life of the battery varies depending on the operating conditions, the battery’s life is approximately 2 years. If the battery is discharged, replace it with a new one.

When the Intelligent Key battery is almost discharged, insert the Intelligent Key into the Intelligent Key port to start the engine. Replace the discharged battery with a new one as soon as possible. For more details, see “Push-button ignition switch” (P. 5-8).

Since the Intelligent Key is continuously receiving radio waves, if the key is left near equipment which transmits strong radio waves, such as signals from a TV and personal computer, the battery life may become shorter. For information regarding replacement of a battery, see “Intelligent Key battery replacement” (P. 8-20). As many as 4 Intellige.

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