2004 Nissan 350Z - Maintenance (Section MA) (34 pages)

Posted on 31 Mar, 2015 by Challenger
Model: 2004 Nissan 350Z
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Manual Description
Changing Spark Plugs (Platinum-Tipped Type) 20, checking Clutch Fluid Level Leaks 22, balancing Wheels (Bonding Weight Type) 25, checking Brake Fluid Level Leaks 27.

Checking Brake Lines Cables 27, checking Steering Gear Linkage 28, checking Power Steering Fluid Lines 29, lubricating Locks, Hinges and Hood Latch (Coupe) 30.

Lubricating Locks, Hinges and Hood Latch (Roadster) 30, checking Seat Belt, Buckles, Retractors, Anchors, sERVICE DATA AND SPECIFICATIONS (SDS) 32, bELT DEFLECTION AND TENSION 32.

Before disconnecting the battery, lower both the driver and passenger windows, window slightly raises and lowers automatically to prevent any window to vehicle interference, window function will not work with battery disconnected, the actual shapes of Kent-Moore tools may differ from those of special service tools illustrated here.

General maintenance includes those items which should be checked during normal day-to-day operation, checks and inspections themselves or have their NISSAN dealers do them, the maintenance items listed here should be performed from time to time, unless otherwise specified, check the pressure with a gauge, including the spare, at least once month.

And always prior to a long distance trips, when checking the tires, make sure no nuts are missing, check any, clean the windshield on a regular basis, months for cracks or other damage.

Tires cannot be rotated in this vehicle, as front tires are different size rear, tires and the direction of wheel rotation is fixed each tire, if the vehicle pulls to either side while driving on a straight and level road, you detect uneven or abnormal tire wear, there may be a need for wheel alignment.

Check for cracks or wear if they do not wipe properly, check that all doors and the engine hood operate smoothly as well trunk, when the primary latch released, when driving in areas using road salt or other corrosive materials, check lubrication frequently.

Make sure that the headlamps, stop lamps, tail lamps, turn signal lamps, other lamps are all operating properly and installed securely, the maintenance items listed here should be checked on a regular basis, such as when performing periodic maintenance, cleaning, make sure that all warning lamps and chimes operating properly.

Check that the wipers and washer operate properly and that wipers do not, check that the air comes out of the defroster outlets properly sufficient, quantity when operating the heater air conditioner, check that it has the specified play.

Condition, such as excessive play, hard steering strange noises, free play: Less than 35 mm (1, check seat position controls such as seat adjusters, seatback recliner, etc, make sure they operate smoothly and that all latches lock securely every.

The locks (if equipped) hold securely in all latched positions, latches lock securely folding-down rear seatbacks, check that all parts of the seat belt system (e, retractors) operate properly and smoothly, and are installed securely.

Belt webbing for cuts, fraying, wear damage, check the pedal for smooth operation and make sure the pedal does not catch, check that the brake does not pull the vehicle to one side when applied, check the pedal for smooth operation and make sure it has proper distance.

Keep the floor mats away pedal, check that the lever has the proper travel and make sure that vehicle held, securely on a fairly steep hill when only the parking brake applied.

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