2004 Nissan 350Z - Exhaust System (Section EX) (6 pages)

Posted on 31 Mar, 2015 by Stagole
Model: 2004 Nissan 350Z
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Manual Description
SERVICE DATA AND SPECIFICATIONS (SDS) 6, check exhaust pipes, muffler and mounting improper attachment, if anything is found, repair replace damaged parts, be sure to use genuine exhaust system parts or equivalents which are specially designed heat.

Perform the operation with the exhaust system fully cooled down because the system will be hot, disconnect each joint and mounting with power tool, when removing main muffler, remove main muffler mounting bracket bolts, for removing and installing parts around propeller shaft, be careful following caution.

Be sure to prevent propeller shaft from interfering parts and tools, for propeller shaft protector, refer to PR-5, "REAR PROPELLER SHAFT", note the following, and install in the reverse order removal, tighten main muffler mounting bracket bolts numerical order.

Between tail tube bumper even, always replace exhaust tube gaskets with new ones when reassembling, if heat insulator is badly deformed, repair or replace it, when installing heat insulator avoid large gaps or interference between heat insulator each.

Remove deposits from the sealing surface of each connection, temporarily tighten mounting nuts on the exhaust manifold side and mounting bolts on the vehicle side, when installing each mounting rubber, avoid twisting or unusual extension up/down right, make sure that clearance between tail tube bumper even.

With engine running, check exhaust tube joints for gas leakage unusual noises, make sure that mounting brackets and mounting rubbers are installed properly free undue, sERVICE DATA AND SPECIFICATIONS (SDS), between three way catalyst exhaust front tube.

Between exhaust front tube center muffler, between center muffler main muffler...

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