2014 Mitsubishi Outlander - Display Audio Manual (88 pages)

Posted on 19 Jan, 2016 by LordTwinkie
Model: 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander
File size: 11.63 MB

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Manual Description
Thank you for buying Mitsubishi Motors product, in order to fully utilize the functionality of this product and ensure safe correct operation, please read the User Manual” carefully before operation, after reading the User Manual”, ensure this is kept readily available, and refer to it again you.

Do not understand any points, or in event problems, restrictions on Operations while the Vehicle Is Driving 5, important Points on Safety Customer 8, how to Read This Manual 9.

Types of Disc That Can Be Played Back 19, register Your Favorite Broadcast Stations 29, search for Broadcast Stations with Strong Signals29, search for Broadcast Stations Station List30.

Search for Your Favorite Channel 34, the SIRIUS ID displayed 40, listen to Audio Files Disc 44, listen to Audio Files on USB Device 57.

If You Think Something Is Not Working Properly85, the followings are what you need to know before using product, mitsubishi Motors will in no way be held, responsible for losses resulting fire.

Earthquake, tsunami, flood, other natural, disasters; from actions third parties, abnormal usage conditions utilized by, customer, be said conditions deliberate.

There will be no indemnification alteration, or loss of any information stored upon, product by the customer third party, resulting from improper use product.

The influence of static electricity electric, noise, or at the time malfunction repair, that you create backups important, remain in memory even product.

Deleting) of personal information protect, privacy when handing product over, anyone else or disposing it, motors will in no way be held responsible.

Responsible for any collateral losses (loss, of business profits, alteration loss, be subject to change without advance notice, accordingly, while the contents User.

Manual may differ, please be aware that, this User Manual explains details, model, there may be functions that may be, described but not available, requirements.

User Manual are either those used, please be aware that these may differ, the actual images illustrations used, please be aware that Mitsubishi Motors.

Losses or detriment resulting alteration, or loss of information stored product, during operation, ensure that vehicle, not stationary in a garage other confined.

Area with bad ventilation while engine, for safety, the driver is not operate, product while the vehicle moving.

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