2010 Mitsubishi Lancer - MMCS Manual (161 pages)

Posted on 19 Jan, 2016 by TheNexxuvas
Model: 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer
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Manual Description
Thank you for buying Mitsubishi Motors product, this Owner's Manual will add your understanding, and full enjoyment of the many fine features, throughout this manual words WARNING.

These are reminders be especially careful, failure to follow the instructions could result, personal injury or damage your vehicle, indicates a strong possibility severe personal.

Injury or death if instructions not followed, points out hazards or unsafe practices that could, cause minor personal injury damage your, you will see another important symbol.

© Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Printed Japan, always concentrate on your driving first, your eyes and mind on the road, driving, you could cause an accident.

When operating the MMCS, do not park with, engine running in a closed poorly ventilated, and extremely poisonous, can build up cause, drive according to the actual traffic conditions.

MMCS gives guidance to arrive destination, but it cannot warn the driver sudden dangers, the route guidance of MMCS may sometimes, differ from the actual road conditions.

In accordance with the new road conditions, driving, as it can cause an accident, for safety reasons, some functions not possible, enters the MMCS or the MMCS emits smoke.

An abnormal smell) occurs, do not use MMCS, have it inspected an authorized Mitsubishi, the following are characteristics LCD, - Small black spots or bright spots (red, blue.

- When it is cold, the screen becomes darker, - Color and brightness vary according, use a clean soft cloth to wipe off any dirt, thinners, antistatic agents chemical cloths).

The engine is off, as it will discharge vehicle, >>> When Storing Your Home” (page 5-2), >>> Adding a Way Point” (page 4-6), destinations and way points can be easily selected.

>>> Storing a New Location” (page 5-1), >>> Editing Location” (page 5-4), the route to the destination can be viewed, >>> Destination Setting for Scrolled Position” (page 2-8).

The route search for the destination can be changed, >>> Showing the Route (3 Routes)” (page 4-4), searching from the Points Interest (POI), >>> Points of Interest (POI) Name” (page 3-5).

Go back to stored home location, >>> Deleting Route” (page 4-9), navigation System Basic Operation Reference Guide 1-1, destination Setting Scrolled Position -2-8.

Setting as Way Point - 3-12, basic Operation Reference Guide - 1-1, outline of System - 1-5.

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