2010 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder - Owner's Manual (496 pages)

Posted on 21 Sep, 2015 by Neue Mage
Model: 2010 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder
File size: 15.63 MB

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Manual Description
Thank you for buying MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE/ECLIPSE, we are confident you will enjoy your vehicle, thoroughly reading this Owner's Manual, you will gain an, understanding of the many features that included.

Descriptions and illustrations that will assist operation, your Authorized Mitsubishi Motors Dealer will be happy, assist you with any further questions you may have regarding, please note that this manual applies all ECLIPSE/ECLIPSE.

SPYDER models and explains all features including options, some features explained in this manual may not be installed, please leave this Owner's Manual in the vehicle time, this manual includes instructions standard optional.

Equipment available at the time printing, corporation reserves the right to make changes design, specifications and to make additions improvements its, product without assuming any obligation install these.

Throughout this manual the words WARNING CAUTION, these are reminders to be especially careful, instructions could result in personal injury damage your, indicates a strong possibility of severe personal injury.

Death if instructions not followed, points out hazards or unsafe practices that could cause minor, personal injury or damage your vehicle, you will see another important symbol.

Q Engine exhaust, some of its constituents, certain vehicle, components contain or emit chemicals known State, california to cause cancer and birth defects and reproductive harm, and certain products of component wear contain emit.

Chemicals known to the State of California cause cancer, and birth defects other reproductive harm, this vehicle is manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc, - air bag (for driver's seat).

Supplemental restraint system - air bag, system with voice recognition (if so equipped), heated seat switch (if so equipped), dome light (Front)/Reading lights (if so.

Reading lights (if so equipped) P, supplemental restraint system - side air bag, supplemental restraint system - curtain air bag P, except for vehicles with high intensity.

Front turn-signal, parking side-marker lights, vehicles with high intensity discharge (HID), if this warning light comes on or flashes while you're driving, q These warning lights will come on for a few seconds for a bulb check when the ignition key is first turned ON”.

Q Park your vehicle in a safe place stop engine, contact an authorized Mitsubishi Motors dealer or repair facility, q Park your vehicle in a safe place and stop the engine, then check, if the light comes on while the engine oil level normal, have.

System checked at an authorized Mitsubishi Motors dealer repair, facility of your choice soon possible, q If this light comes on while driving, check to see that parking, q If this light stays on after releasing the parking brake, stop check.

Q If the brake fluid level is correct, there may be system malfunction, avoid hard braking and high speeds, and contact an authorized Mitsubishi Motors dealer or a repair facility of your choice assistance, selector lever position indicator in the instrument cluster flashes rapidly.

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