2012 MINI Coupe - Owner's Manual (218 pages)

Posted on 16 Nov, 2016 by Colacastell
Model: 2012 MINI Coupe
File size: 3.84 MB

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Manual Description
The system notifies you if there is a significant loss of pressure in one or more tires. Press and hold the button until the display the tire inflation pressure and after every tire or changes. The roll bar located behind the rear seat headrest is projected within a fraction of a second.

Press and hold the button until the display control system that enables better illumination changes. The air flow rate is lowered or switched off entirely to reduce the drain on the battery. Reduce the air flow by pressing the – button repeatedly until the system is switched off.

Nets are located in the passenger footwell and on the backs of the front seat backrests. Avoid damaging the sockets by attempting to insert plugs of unsuitable shape or size. Please follow the instructions below observed if any of the components mentioned in order to achieve the optimal service life and above have to be renewed in the course of the economy of operation for your vehicle.

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