2018 Mazda MX-5 - Owner's Manual (576 pages)

Posted on 13 Mar, 2018
Model: 2018 Mazda MX-5
File size: 57.19 MB

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Manual Description
If the KEY warning light (red) illuminates, or the push button start indicator light (amber) flashes, this could indicate that the engine may not start using the usual starting method. Have your vehicle inspected at an Authorized Mazda Dealer as soon as possible. If this occurs, the engine can be force-started.

Press and hold the push button start until the engine starts. Other procedures necessary for starting the engine such as having the key in the cabin, and depressing the clutch pedal (manual transmission) or the brake pedal (automatic transmission) are required. When trip meter A is selected, pressing the selector again within one second will change to trip meter B mode.

When trip meter A is selected, TRIP A will be displayed. When trip meter B is selected, TRIP B will be displayed. The trip meter records the total distance the vehicle is driven until the meter is again reset.

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