2013 Mazda Mazdaspeed 3 - Navigation Manual (48 pages)

Posted on 30 Jan, 2016 by Prevenge
Model: 2013 Mazda Mazdaspeed 3
File size: 3.47 MB

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Manual Description
Turning the system off 4, planning a journey using your voice 16, turn off voice guidance / Turn voice guidance 29, using Help to drive to local service 31.

Checking traffic incidents your area 35, about TomTom HOME (the program) 38, updating the navigation system with new application 41, getting help to the use navigation system 43.

Important Safety Notices Warnings 44, the Navigation system turns on when your vehicle starts and turns off automatically when, you turn off your vehicle's engine, until a connection has been established between the Audio control unit Navigation.

System, the screen shows audio-related information and the Nav button main display, screen is shown at first, followed by the main screen (which may take up 30 seconds, under extreme temperature conditions, the navigation system may not start, should start once the temperature in the vehicle reaches a normal range.

Start automatically in this situation, the vehicle's engine may need to be turned off, note: In some situations, your navigation system may restart when turning ignition, from ACC-ON to the engine start position, for the main screen to appear navigation system.

Important: Make sure to select the desired language, when the system is first started, you have to answer a few questions for set up, when you first start the Navigation system, it may need a few minutes determine your GPS, position and show your current position on the map.

Much faster, usually within few seconds, in areas where GPS reception is not possible, such as tunnels, your location may not be, important: The GPS antenna is located in the dashboard, so do not put objects top, in rare cases, the TomTom navigation system may not start correctly may stop responding.

Causes the system shut down, in rare circumstances, you may need to reset the navigation system, off the vehicle's engine and then remove the MAP SD card, it is important to take care of system follows.

The system is not designed for use in extreme temperatures, and any such exposure may, do not open the casing of the system under any circumstances, important: If you sell the vehicle, you should remove all personal information, refer to online manual full operations.

Depending on the region in which the system is used, there may be differences, functions/displayed specifications that can be used, a SD card is supplied with the navigation system, updates are regularly produced by TomTom, particularly for maps services like speed.

SD card into a computer that is connected internet, once your new vehicle has been delivered, if a newer version of the map available within 60, days, you can download map free, important: In order to qualify for the latest map guarantee, you need to check if new map.

Available within the 60 day period, to insert the SD card into the Navigation system in the vehicle do following, sure it right side up, note: Only use the SD card for operating and updating the navigation system.

Insert the SD card into another vehicle or into any other device such camera, to remove the SD card from the Navigation system in the vehicle, do following, important: Use the SD card only after the doors securely closed, switch the ignition off before inserting/removing SD card.

Data could be possibly written on the SD card directly after the sliding door opened, nOT remove the SD card for about 3 seconds after turning the ignition off opening, when replacing the Navigation system due to damage, it is necessary to update SD card.

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