2011 Mazda Mazdaspeed 3 - Smart Start Guide (14 pages)

Posted on 31 Oct, 2014 by Mynas
Model: 2011 Mazda Mazdaspeed 3
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Manual Description
 his system allows you to lock and unlock the doors, even start, engine without taking key out, unlock the driver's door by pushing driver's, unlock all doors (and liftgate) by pushing.

Driver's door request switch once twice, (depending on personalization) OR by pushing, lock all doors (and liftgate) by pushing any, open the trunk/liftgate by pushing electric.

Trunk lid/liftgate opener switch when ignition OFF, with ignition ON, vehicle must be Park (A/T), start the engine by pushing START/STOP button, while, pushing the clutch pedal (manual transmission) brake pedal.

Shut the engine OFF by pushing START/STOP button again, activate Accessories (ACC) by pushing START/STOP button, once without pushing the clutch brake pedal, will show green (engine ready start) when.

The advanced key is detected and the clutch pedal (M/T) brake pedal, if illuminated red, the START/STOP button may not start engine, unless, the auxiliary key is used (see Starting the Engine with Auxiliary Key”), nOTE: When the liftgate opener switch is pushed, the liftgate will open slightly.

Liftgate is not opened within 1, the liftgate cannot be opened or closed from this slightly raised position, the liftgate, push the liftgate opener switch, open the liftgate within 1, push & fold retract key.

Continuously pushing START/STOP button while, the engine is running will turn engine OFF, only in case an emergency, if the advanced key cannot be used due malfunction.

Or dead advanced key battery, use the auxiliary key Auxiliary, lock unlock the doors and start engine,  o start engine, locate the key slot cover, nsert the auxiliary key into the key slot, then push.

START/STOP button with the clutch pedal (M/T), brake pedal (A/T) pushed down start engine, seat can be moved back forth, raised, lowered, or tilted with control.

(located on floor in front driver's seat), to open, pull fuel door release, nOTE: The rear seats on the 5-door are equipped with foldable head restraints, to fold the head restraint, pull the strap on the back of the head restraint fold.

Filler Door is available your Mazda dealer,  aise or lower seat height by, the driver front passenger seats, can be warmed by rotating applicable.

Seat warmer dial while ignition ON, all Weather Floor Mats CD/MP3 Changer, license Plate Frames Roof Rack &, genuine Mazda Accessories are built to the same standards quality.

From a wide range of interior and exterior accessories make your, fit your personality and lifestyle, this indicator light illuminates to remind you that the front passenger's front/side airbags, seat belt pretensioner will not deploy during a collision.

Seat is less than approximately 66 lbs, glossary of Warning indicator lights, nOTE: See Owner's Manual for more details explanations.

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