2010 Mazda CX-7 - Smart Start Guide (16 pages)

Posted on 26 Oct, 2014 by Doppio
Model: 2010 Mazda CX-7
File size: 3.97 MB

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Manual Description
Unlock the doors, even start, engine without taking key out,  nlock the driver's door by pushing, the driver's door request switch once.

OR by pushing passenger's door, pushing the liftgate request switch once, door, passenger door, liftgate request, moon roof by pushing unlock.

Again and holding; release stop,   lose front windows moon roof, by pushing and holding driver's door,  tart the engine by pushing the start knob in and turning it (like.

Normal key) while depressing brake pedal, and then pushing in and turning Lock position, advanced key battery, use the auxiliary key lock/unlock doors,  o start engine, remove.

This system remotely locks and unlocks the doors and liftgate, opens, the power windows moon roof,  Push once lock all,  Push once unlock.

 Push twice (within three,  Push twice hold open,  Push twice (within five, support the seatback with your hand.

Push the rear seatback knob down (red indicator visible when, to Program Driver's Seat Position,  djust seat to desired position using the Slide/Tilt Recline switches,  hile holding the SET button in, push one of three (3) programming.

Buttons until a beep is heard,  OTE: You can also program one seat position each advanced key/retractable, type key used with the vehicle, to Move the Seat Programmed Position.

 ith driver's door OPEN and ignition OFF, push release one, of the programmed buttons (1, 2, or 3) when entering vehicle, returning second-row seats upright position, raise seatbacks until they lock into position (red indicator not.

Visible when seat is locked position), to make sure they locked, check that all seat belts are routed properly passenger use,  ith driver's door CLOSED and ignition ON, push hold one.

The programmed buttons (1, 2, 3), nOTE: Memory seat functions DO NOT operate when driver's door OPEN, ignition is ON, when driver's door is CLOSED and ignition is OFF, when vehicle, to open, pull up on the handle raise liftgate.

To close, push the liftgate down until it securely locks, but do not slam, (located on floor next driver's seat), to open, pull fuel door release, (down to octane) may be used, but.

May result in reduced performance; refueling vehicle with, correct octane fuel a couple of times will restore vehicle performance, to avoid scratching paint during, refueling, secure fuel filler cap.

Placing the gearshift lever into Reverse automatically operates Rear View, parking Camera and is viewable via the Multi Information Display (MID), mID (with compact navigation system) screen.

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