2016 Mazda 6 - Quick Guide (36 pages)

Posted on 27 Sep, 2016 by Kaiokan
Model: 2016 Mazda 6
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Manual Description
These systems are designed to assist the driver in safer driving by reducing the load on the driver and helping to avert collisions or reduce their severity. However, because each system has its limitations, always drive carefully and do not rely solely on the systems. Manually switch between the high and low beams according to the visibility, and the road and traffic conditions.

If the vehicle speed exceeds the speed limit sign indicated in the active driving display while the vehicle is driven, the system notifies the driver using the indication in the active driving display and a warning sound. Check the surrounding conditions and adjust the vehicle speed to the legal speed using the appropriate operation such as depressing the brake pedal. Additionally, the system may be unable to decelerate sufficiently to avoid hitting the vehicle ahead if the vehicle ahead applies the brakes suddenly or another vehicle cuts into the driving lane, which could result in an accident.

Always verify the safety of the surrounding area and depress the brake pedal or accelerator pedal while keeping a safer distance from vehicles ahead or on-coming vehicles. The set speed and the inter-vehicle distance display filled with white lines are displayed. If a switch cannot be operated, the system returns to the set speed when you release your foot from the accelerator pedal.

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