2014 Mazda 3 - Smart Start Guide (46 pages)

Posted on 11 Nov, 2014 by Pete Roe
Model: 2014 Mazda 3
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Manual Description
Will make it difficult to view and manual operation could cause damage, display using the AD-Disp tab Settings (pg,  o provide a better view of the instrument cluster, adjust the steering wheel up down/in out, this indicator light illuminates to remind you that the front passenger's front/side airbags.

And seat belt pretensioner will not deploy during a collision, weight in the seat is less than approximately 66 lbs, nOTE: Indicator light turns off when conditions have been met for necessary airbag deployment,  his system allows you.

Lock and unlock doors by, push for one second or more activate alarm, push Lock, Unlock, or Panic Alarm turn alarm off, nOTE: For the hatchback, when the liftgate opener switch pushed, liftgate.

Locks (you will hear it lock) and the liftgate cannot be opened closed, light will be on if the liftgate not fully closed,  ake sure vehicle OFF take, the keyless entry system key with.

 hen locking doors using inside, knobs, be careful not leave, is a recognizable beep sound alert you, that the key inside vehicle.

Key Indicator Light may illuminate either advance, key or keyless entry key is placed in the cup holder, * Refer to your Owner's Manual for additional details about Personalization Features”, aDVANCED KEYLESS ENTRY SYSTEM (if equipped).

This system allows you lock,  nlock all doors by pushing, Vehicles equipped with the Advanced Keyless Entry System Keyless, entry System both use the same type of keyless entry transmitter.

Only vehicles equipped with the Advanced Keyless Entry System allow you, lock and unlock the doors with the door request switches (without taking, key out of your purse pocket), Vehicles equipped with the Keyless Entry System do not have request.

Corresponding transmitter button must be pushed, the is equipped with SKYACTIV combustion technology, this technology includes AWS (Accelerated Warm-up System), optimal emission performance during cold starting conditions.

Start the engine by pushing the START/STOP ENGINE button while, pushing the clutch pedal (M/T) or brake pedal (A/T), higher RPM) for less than 1 minute to quickly bring catalyst, what this does? This heats up the catalytic converter faster reduce.

Emissions and allows Mazda to use an exhaust header engine,  NOTE: You can drive the vehicle during AWS activation, no need wait, shut the engine OFF by setting parking brake/placing, vehicle in Park (A/T), then push START/STOP ENGINE button.

Activate Accessories (ACC) by pushing START/STOP, eNGINE button once without pushing the clutch brake pedal, turn the ignition to the ON position by pushing START/STOP, eNGINE button twice without pushing the clutch brake pedal.

In the instrument cluster will show GREEN, (engine ready to start) when the key is detected and clutch pedal (M/T), or the brake pedal (A/T) is pushed, rED, or the START/STOP ENGINE button indicator light flashes AMBER.

This could indicate a problem with the engine starting system, inability to start the engine or switch the ignition to ACC ON, vehicle inspected at an Authorized Mazda Dealer soon possible.

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