2010 Mazda 3 - Smart Start Guide (26 pages)

Posted on 29 Oct, 2014 by Cowabunga
Model: 2010 Mazda 3
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Manual Description
 his system allows you lock, unlock the doors, open trunk lid, and even start engine without ever, with the Advanced Key you.

Lock the doors (and liftgate) by simply, pushing a door request switch liftgate, unlock the doors (and liftgate) by simply, pushing a doors request switch (double.

Beep) either once twice (depending, this system remotely locks and unlocks the doors and opens trunk lid, press x 1: Lock all doors, press x 2 (within 5 seconds).

Horn sounds to verify doors locked, press x 1: Unlock driver's door, press for 1 second or more to activate the vehicle's alarm, will sound intermittently and the warning lights will flash 2-1/2 minutes.

Or until any button is pressed transmitter, sTARTING THE ENGINE WITH THE ADVANCED KEY, while pressing the clutch pedal (manual transmission) brake pedal, (automatic transmission) - the Engine Ready to Start indicator will show.

GREEN - push and release the START/STOP button, and engine will start,  o activate Accessories (ACC), push START/STOP button once, without depressing the clutch or brake pedal, will show green (engine ready start) when.

The advanced key is detected and the clutch pedal (M/T) brake pedal, unless the auxiliary key is used (see Engine Start with Auxiliary Key”), while the engine is running will turn engine, in case the START/STOP button does not work.

Dead) locate the key slot cover steering, column, remove the cover and insert auxiliary AUX Key, key into the key slot, then push START/STOP (for opening, button with the clutch pedal (M/T) brake.

Pedal (A/T) pressed start engine, seat can be moved back forth, raised, lowered, or tilted with control,  eatback angle can be changed.

To Program Driver's Seat Position, adjust seat to desired position using the Slide/Tilt Recline switches, while holding the SET button in, press one of three (3) programming, buttons until a beep sound is heard.

You can also program one seat position each advanced, key/retractable type key used with vehicle, to Move the Seat Programmed Position, press and release one of the programmed buttons (1, 2, 3) when.

Entering the vehicle (driver's door open ignition OFF), press and hold one of the programmed buttons (1, 2, 3) all, other situations (driver's door closed ignition ON), nOTE: Memory seat functions do not operate while the vehicle motion.

 eatback angle can be changed by, forth by pulling up lever, the driver front passenger seats, can be warmed by rotating applicable.

Seat warmer dial while ignition ON,  he seat temperature increases, (located on floor in front driver's seat).

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