2015 Mazda 2 - Quick Guide (20 pages)

Posted on 9 Nov, 2015 by Will
Model: 2015 Mazda 2
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Manual Description
This Quick Guide is provided as a simple explanation of how to operate some, the meaning for each of the symbols used in the Quick Guide follows, detailed explanation pertaining some information, the following seat adjustment functions for the manual power seats.

To raise a head restraint, pull it up desired position, to lower the head restraint, press the stop-catch release, then push head, adjust the head restraint so that the centre is even with the top passenger's, for details, refer Section 2, Seats”.

The advanced keyless system operates only when the driver is vehicle, within operational range while the key being carried, all doors and the liftgate can be locked/unlocked, by pressing the request switch front doors.

While the key being carried, release lever under steering column, steering column length desired positions, then push the lever up lock column.

Down to make sure it's locked before driving, for details, refer to Section 3, Advanced Keyless Entry Start System”, doors and Locks” Steering Wheel”, right to choose the left right side.

Each passenger window can also be operated using the master control switches, to open the window to the desired position, lightly hold down switch, to close the window to the desired position, lightly pull up switch, for details, refer to Section 3, Mirrors” Windows”.

The vehicle will operate efficiently diesel, fuel with specification EN590 equivalent, when refuelling, always add at least 10 L (2, to open, pull the remote fuel-filler flap release.

To remove the fuel-filler cap, turn it anticlockwise, attach the removed cap to the inner side, to close the fuel-filler cap, turn it clockwise, for details, refer to Section 3, Fuel Emission”.

Until the engine has completely started, continue to press clutch pedal firmly, put the vehicle in park (P), restart the engine while vehicle.

Light (green) in the instrument cluster push button, the starter does not rotate until the glow indicator light turns off, when starting the engine, do not release the brake pedal until glow indicator, light in the instrument cluster turns off and the engine starts, after pressing.

If the brake pedal is released before the engine starts, depress brake pedal, again and press the push button start start engine, running after the glow plugs are warmed up, the glow plugs may warm up again, which will illuminate glow indicator light.

For details, refer to Section 4, Start/Stop Engine”, the i-stop function automatically stops the engine when the vehicle stopped, traffic light or stuck in traffic, and then restarts the engine automatically resume, emissions, and eliminates idling noise while engine stopped.

The i-stop indicator light (green) turns on under following conditions, engine idling stop conditions are met while the vehicle being driven, the i-stop indicator light (green) turns off when engine restarted, engine idling stops after the clutch pedal released.

Driven (except for driving in the R or M position second gear fixed mode), selector lever in the D or M position (not in second gear fixed mode), depressed again or the selector lever is shifted to the D, M (not second gear.

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