2019 Lincoln MKT - Owner's Manual (575 pages)

Posted on 13 May, 2018
Model: 2019 Lincoln MKT
File size: 5.34 MB

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Manual Description
Descend a hill in the same gear you would use to climb up the hill to avoid excessive brake application and brake overheating. Do not descend in neutral; instead, disengage overdrive or manually shift to a lower gear. When descending a steep hill, avoid sudden hard braking as you could lose control.

The front wheels have to be turning in order to steer the vehicle. Your vehicle has anti-lock brakes, therefore apply the brakes steadily. Do not “pump” the brakes.

AWD vehicles have advantages over 2WD vehicles in snow and ice but can skid like any other vehicle. Should you start to slide while driving on snowy or icy roads, turn the steering wheel in the direction of the slide until you regain control. Avoid sudden applications of power and quick changes of direction on snow and ice. Apply the accelerator slowly and steadily when starting from a full stop. Avoid sudden braking as well. Although an AWD vehicle may accelerate better than a two-wheel drive vehicle in snow and ice, it won’t stop any faster, because as in other vehicles, braking occurs at all four wheels. Do not become overconfident as to road conditions. Make sure you allow sufficient distance between you and other vehicles for stopping. Drive slower than usual and consider using one of the lower gears. In emergency stopping situations, apply the brake steadily. Since your vehicle is equipped with a four wheel (ABS), do not “pump” the brakes. See Hints on Driving With Anti-Lock Brakes.

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