2019 Lexus UX250h - Owner's Manual (476 pages)

Posted on 1 Jul, 2018
Model: 2019 Lexus UX250h
File size: 15.6 MB

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Manual Description
Driving in vehicle-to-vehicle distance control mode: This mode employs a radar to detect the presence of vehicles up to approximately 328 ft. (100 m) ahead, determines the current vehicle-to-vehicle following distance, and operates to maintain a suitable following distance from the vehicle ahead. The desired vehicle-to-vehicle distance can also be set by operating the vehicle-to-vehicle distance switch.

When driving on downhill slopes, the vehicle-to-vehicle distance may become shorter. When a vehicle is detected running ahead of you, the system automatically decelerates your vehicle. When a greater reduction in vehicle speed is necessary, the system applies the brakes (the stop lights will come on at this time).

The system will respond to changes in the speed of the vehicle ahead in order to maintain the vehicle-to-vehicle distance set by the driver. Approach warning warns you when the system cannot decelerate sufficiently to prevent your vehicle from closing in on the vehicle ahead. When the vehicle ahead of you stops, your vehicle will also stop (vehicle is stopped by system control). After the vehicle ahead starts off, pressing the “+RES” switch or depressing the accelerator pedal (start-off operation) will resume follow-up cruising. If the start-off operation is not performed, system control continues to keep your vehicle stopped. When the turn signal lever is operated and your vehicle moves to a left lane while driving at 50 mph (80 km/h) or more, the vehicle will quickly accelerate to help to overtake a passing vehicle.

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