2015 Lexus RX350 - INTUITIVE PARKING ASSIST (9 pages)

Posted on 11 Nov, 2014 by Jordan
Model: 2015 Lexus RX350
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Manual Description
The distance obstacles measured by, the sensors is communicated via the display and a buzzer when parallel parking, check the surrounding area when using, modes to electronic features control mode.

Below the ENTER” switch until the intuitive parking assist-sensor mark appears multi-information display, press the ENTER” switch select, pressing the switch turns intuitive, to turn on: Press switch.

To turn off: Press switch again, press the menu switch change, when the sensors detect an obstacle, the graphic is shown on the multi-information display navigation display.

When the vehicle moving forward, when the vehicle moving backward, a simplified image is displayed right, upper corner of the screen when an obstacle detected.

When a sensor detects an obstacle, the direction of and approximate distance, the obstacle are displayed buzzer sounds, dETECTION LEVEL AND APPROXIMATE DISTANCE TO AN OBSTACLE, certain vehicle conditions and the surrounding environment may affect.

Ability of a sensor correctly detect an, the diagram shows detection range, detect obstacles that extremely close, the range of sensors may change.

Depending on the shape object etc, in addition to examples above, there, are instances in which, because their, shapes, signs and other objects may be.

Judged by a sensor to be closer than they, there is dirt, snow or ice sensor, a sensor is covered any way, the vehicle is leaning considerably one.

On an extremely bumpy road, an, the vicinity of the vehicle noisy due, brakes of large vehicles, other loud, there is another vehicle equipped with.

A sensor is coated with a sheet spray, the vehicle is equipped with fender pole, a bumper or sensor receives strong, the vehicle is approaching a tall rightangled curb.

In harsh sunlight intense cold weather, the shape of the obstacle may prevent, cotton, snow other materials that, tall obstacles with upper sections projecting outwards in the direction your vehicle.

●Caution when using intuitive parking, being unable to be driven safely and possibly cause an accident, ●Even though sensors which are functioning properly continue detect obstacles, never use the intuitive parking assist.

One more sensor(s) may be malfunctioning, ●Do not apply intensive bursts water, ●Doing so may result sensor malfunctioning, cases, have it checked by your Lexus.

The graphic which indicates that an, obstacle has been detected does not, come on and a beep does not sound.

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