2017 Lexus RC300h - Owner's Manual (640 pages)

Posted on 12 Sep, 2016 by Ardrid
Model: 2017 Lexus RC300h
File size: 149.4 MB

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Manual Description
The seat should be adjusted as recommended above, while still maintaining control of the foot pedals, steering wheel, and your view of the instrument panel controls. The front passenger seat should be as far from the airbag as possible with the seatback adjusted, so the front passenger sits upright. Do not drive with the hood raised, as doing so may block the driver's vision, possibly causing an accident.

If the vehicle speed is not detected correctly, such as if the vehicle is sliding sideways, the system may not operate properly. Do not close the hood with force or apply load to the lifters, as doing so may damage the lifters and prevent the system from operating properly. Do not modify the suspension, as changes made to the vehicle height may prevent the system from operating properly.

Be sure to follow the installation method that is in the operation manual enclosed with the restraint system. The belt should be kept away from the child's neck, but not so that it could fall off the child's shoulder. If the passenger seat is equipped with a vertical height adjuster, it must be placed in the upper most position.

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