2017 Lexus RC300 - Owner's Manual (724 pages)

Posted on 15 Nov, 2016 by KeegdnaB
Model: 2017 Lexus RC300
File size: 15.71 MB

Download from Lexus.com

Manual Description
This meter is designed as a guideline to show the eco-friendliness of your driving. Use this meter as a guideline when you wish to drive in an eco-friendly manner that reduces fuel consumption. Content displayed is the same as those which are displayed when the main meter is moved to the right.

Pressing a button may cause the electronic key to emit radio waves that could interfere with the operation of the aircraft. Do not attach metallic or magnetic materials to the keys or place the keys close to such materials. Installing the battery in the wrong direction may cause the battery to deplete rapidly.

Failure to do so may cause the trunk lid to suddenly shut again after it is opened. Use caution when opening or closing the trunk lid in windy weather as it may move abruptly in strong wind. Such additional weight on the trunk lid may cause the lid to suddenly shut again after it is opened.

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