2015 Lexus NX300h - Quick Guide (112 pages)

Posted on 6 Jun, 2015 by Asendra
Model: 2015 Lexus NX300h
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Manual Description
The Quick Guide is not intended as a substitute your Owner's, manual and supplementary manuals so you will have better, understanding of your vehicle's capabilities limitations, adjusting the temperature for driver passenger seats separately.

Audio System (with Lexus Display Audio)*79, using the steering wheel switches change audio sources79, operating the audio system using the steering wheel switches 82, audio System (with navigation system)* 69.

Remote control (steering wheel switches) 69, *: This feature may be operated by Voice command (See P, dynamic Radar Cruise Control with Full-speed Range 44, hands-free System For Cellular Phone (with Lexus Display Audio)* 76.

How to register Bluetooth® phone 76, when the phonebook empty 77, operating a telephone using steering wheel switches78, hands-free System For Cellular Phone (with navigation system)* 64.

Registering the contacts in favorites list 66, lDA (Lane Departure Alert with Steering Control) 50, lexus Display Audio Controller (with Lexus Display Audio)74, lexus Enform Safety Connect (for U.

Destination input  Search by address 59, destination input  Search points interest by name61, destination input  Search points of interest by category 62, destination input  Search points of interest by telephone number 63.

Smart Access System with Push-button Start 20, use only floor mats designed specifically for vehicles of the same model model year, insert the retaining hooks (clips) into, turn the upper knob each retaining.

Hook (clip) to secure floor mats, the shape of the retaining hooks (clips) may differ from that shown illustration, your vehicle is a hybrid vehicle, be sure you are closely familiar with the characteristics of your vehicle, operate it.

The hybrid system combines the use of a gasoline engine and an electric motor (traction, motor) according to driving conditions, improving fuel efficiency reducing exhaust, for details, refer OWNER'S MANUAL”, range is being exceeded (during full.

Shows that the vehicle being driven, shows that gasoline engine power, stop and restart under various conditions, shows that energy being recovered.

● Hybrid System Indicator is displayed when the driving mode is in other than sport, ● By keeping the indicator needle within Eco area, more Eco-friendly driving can be, ● Charge area indicates regeneration* status, *: When used in this manual, regeneration” refers to the conversion energy created by.

The movement of the vehicle into electrical energy, charging the hybrid battery (traction battery), when the shift lever is in N, the hybrid battery (traction battery) is not being charged, the vehicle is stopped, always put the shift lever P.

Also, even in heavy traffic conditions, drive the vehicle D S, in the following situations, kinetic energy is converted to electric energy deceleration, force can be obtained in conjunction with the recharging of the hybrid battery (traction battery), ● The accelerator pedal is released while driving with the shift lever D S.

● The brake pedal is depressed while driving with the shift lever D S, sounds and vibrations specific hybrid vehicle, there may be no engine sound or vibration even though the vehicle is able move with.

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