2017 Lexus LS600h - Owner's Manual (676 pages)

Posted on 20 Sep, 2016 by Tringle
Model: 2017 Lexus LS600h
File size: 66.19 MB

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Manual Description
If such a situation cannot be avoided, park the vehicle in an open space and ensure that exhaust fumes do not enter the vehicle interior. If snowbanks build up around the vehicle while the hybrid system is operating, exhaust gases may collect and enter the vehicle. Sounds may be heard due to regenerative braking when the accelerator pedal is released or the brake pedal is depressed.

If the vents become blocked, the hybrid battery may overheat, leading to a reduction in hybrid battery output. Be careful of both the high voltage and the high temperature, and always obey the caution labels attached to the vehicle. If it comes into contact with your skin or an eyes, wash it off immediately with a large amount of water or, if possible, boric d s acid solution.

When reselling or handing over your vehicle, the possibility of an accident is extremely high because the person receiving the vehicle may not be aware of these dangers. If your vehicle is disposed of without the hybrid battery having been removed, there is a danger of serious electric shock if high voltage parts, cables and their connectors are touched. The indicator light flashes after the power switch has been turned off to indicate that the system is operating.

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