1995 Lexus LS400 - Air Conditioning and Audio (34 pages)

Posted on 10 Oct, 2014 by Matt Evans
Model: 1995 Lexus LS400
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Manual Description
" The automatic air conditioning automatically maintains, this air conditioning features automatic fan speed air, flow control which automatically selects most suitable, fan speed and air flow to control temperature.

Ignition key must be ON” position, to prevent the battery from being discharged, do not, leave the air conditioning longer than necessary, when the engine not running.

Driver side temperature display (in degrees, passenger side temperature display (in degrees, air flow quantity, switching of the diffusers, on−off air, conditioning, and switching of air intake between.

RECIRCULATED AIR and OUTSIDE AIR automatically, when one of the manual control buttons depressed while, operating in automatic mode, operation corresponding, push the OFF” button to turn air conditioning off.

The TEMP” or PASSENGER TEMP” button is used set, driver and passenger sides simultaneously individually, tEMP” button − Changes the temperature driver, passenger sides simultaneously or driver side only.

PASSENGER TEMP” button − Changes temperature, dUAL” button − Changes the mode temperature, the indicator on the DUAL” button has two modes, with the indicator on − For individual temperature setting.

With the indicator off − For simultaneous temperature, if manual air flow selection desired −, the outlets from which air is delivered can be selected, manually by pressing in the appropriate air flow control button.

The function of each button follows, bi−level − Air flows from both the floor vents, panel − Air flows mainly from instrument panel vents, floor − Air flows mainly floor vents.

Floor / Windshield − Air flows mainly floor vents, if quick heating or cooling desired −, if manual switching of air intake desired −, push the TEMP” button on either side and hold it until MAX.

If manual fan speed control desired −, the air intake control button is used to switch air intake, between the OUTSIDE AIR mode RECIRCULATED AIR, appropriate side of fan speed control button.

Speed is, the more air is delivered, to remove exterior windshield frost, use high speed, with the button in the OUTSIDE AIR mode, OUTSIDE AIR, mode indicator light will come on and the system will take fresh.

If quick circulation of cooled air is desired, push air intake, rECIRCULATED AIR mode indicator light will come on, for normal use, it is best to keep the air intake control button, heating, the windows will fog up more easily.

If manual on−off of the air conditioning desired −, push the A / C” button to turn the air conditioning push, it again to turn air conditioning off, if the system is used for ventilation, heating dry weather.

Removing frost or exterior fog on the windshield, turn air, conditioning off once it is no longer required, automatic temperature control including cooling.

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