1993 Lexus LS400 - Engine (10 pages)

Posted on 8 Oct, 2014 by William
Model: 1993 Lexus LS400
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Manual Description
Checking and replacing air cleaner filter, cylinder V type, 4 cycle, gasoline, sG (Energy-Conserving II multigrade engine oil recommended), temperature range anticipated before next oil change.

(Octane Rating 91) higher (Only UNLEADED), − Specific gravity reading at 20 C (68 F), your vehicle must use only unleaded gasoline, to help prevent gas station mixups, your Lexus has smaller.

Fuel will fit it, but the larger nozzle on pumps with leaded gas, cause the three-way catalytic converter lose its, effectiveness and the emission control system, select premium unleaded gasoline with Research.

Octane Number of 96 (Octane Rating 91) higher, however, gasolines with an octane number low 91, may be used if premium unleaded gasoline cannot be, use of unleaded fuel with an octane number rating lower.

Than stated above will cause persistent heavy knocking, severe, this will lead engine damage, if you detect heavy knocking even when using, recommended fuel, or if you hear steady knocking while.

Holding a steady speed on level roads, consult your Lexus, however, now and then, you may notice light knocking, short time while accelerating or driving up hills, lexus recommends use gasolines that contain.

Detergent additives to avoid build-up engine deposits, for further details, ask your Lexus dealer local gasoline, gasolines that contain MTBE (Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether), with MTBE, make certain that it does not contain more.

And / or poor fuel economy, you should discontinue use, gasohol is a mixture of gasoline and ethanol, gasohol in your Lexus, be sure that it unleaded, has an, octane rating no lower than 87 and does not contain more.

If you use gasoline containing methanol, use only gasoline, meeting the requirements above and also containing less than, methanol with cosolvents corrosion inhibitors, cause fuel system damage vehicle performance.

D If drivability problems encountered (poor hot, d Take care not to spill gasohol during refueling, engine oil has the primary function lubricating cooling, the inside of the engine, and plays a major role maintaining.

The engine proper working order, it is normal that an engine should consume some engine, consumption in a normal engine follows, a thin film of oil is left on the cylinder wall when piston.

Generated when the vehicle is decelerating sucks some, this oil into the combustion chamber, some part of the oil film left on the cylinder wall burned by, the high temperature combustion gases during.

D Oil is also used to lubricate the stems intake valves, some of this oil is sucked into combustion chamber, together with the intake air and is burned along with fuel, high temperature exhaust gases also burn oil used.

The amount of engine oil consumed depends, viscosity of the oil, the quality of the oil way, importance of engine oil level check.

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