2019 Lexus LC500 - Owner's Manual (432 pages)

Posted on 11 May, 2018
Model: 2019 Lexus LC500
File size: 13.88 MB

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Manual Description
Front door opening linked windshield wiper stop function When “AUTO” is selected and the windshield wipers are operating, if a front door is opened, the operation of the windshield wipers will be stopped to prevent anyone near the vehicle from being sprayed by water from the wipers, provided the vehicle is stopped. When the front door is closed, wiper operation will resume. To protect the windshield wipers If movement of the windshield wipers is largely restricted by a foreign object such as snow, the operation of the windshield wipers may be stopped automatically to protect the windshield wipers.

In this case, turn the windshield wiper switch off and remove the foreign object, and then use the windshield wipers. When stopping the engine in an emergency while driving If the windshield wipers are operating when the engine is stopped, the windshield wipers will operate in high speed operation. After the vehicle is stopped, operation will return to normal when the engine switch is turned to IGNITION ON mode , or operation will stop when the driver’s door is opened.

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