2008 Lexus IS250 - Instrument cluster (13 pages)

Posted on 2 Nov, 2014 by Pete Roe
Model: 2008 Lexus IS250
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Manual Description
The units used on the speedometer and the tachometer gauge display may, the following gauges, meters and display illuminate when, eNGINE START STOP” switch is IGNITION ON mode, displays the engine speed revolutions per minute.

When the set engine speed is reached, ring-shaped indicators comes, odometer: Displays the total distance the vehicle has been driven, trip meter: Displays the distance the vehicle has been driven since, used to record and display different distances independently.

When the set speed is reached while driving, ring-shaped indicator, displays the quantity of fuel remaining tank, odometer/trip meter and trip meter reset button, switches between odometer and trip meter displays.

The button will reset the trip meter when the trip meter being displayed, the brightness of the instrument panel lights can be adjusted, bring up satellite switch mode, select the item whose setting.

The satellite switch can be used to change the set speed which, yellow speed or tacho indicator ring comes on, the setting can be made only when ENGINE START STOP”, switch is in IGNITION ON mode and vehicle stopped.

After one second, mode enters, speed or tacho indicator to OFF” and then ON” by pushing ON, push < or > within 6 seconds of the speedometer tachometer needle, moving to change the setting of the desired speed, then turn indicator.

Mode to ON” by pushing ON/OFF” button, pushing and holding the switch changes values faster rate, if the satellite switch is not operated for some time, the multi-information display returns to its previously displayed content, the yellow indicator is displayed to indicate that desired speed has.

N Speed indicator display conditions and vehicle speed setting range, vehicle speed setting range: Approximately 30 100 mph, when the maximum speed is selected, the speed indicator comes only red, n Tacho indicator display conditions and engine speed setting range.

Engine rpm setting range: Approximately 2000 6500 rpm (r/min), when the maximum rpm is selected, the tacho indicator comes only red, n To prevent damage to the engine its components, this case, immediately stop the vehicle in a safe place, and check engine after.

The indicator and warning lights on the instrument cluster center, panel inform the driver of the status of vehicle's various systems, the indicators inform the driver of the operating state of vehicle's various systems, shift position and shift range indicators (→P.

* SRS airbag on-off indicator (→P, warning lights inform the driver of malfunctions in any of the vehicle's systems, *: These lights turn on when the ENGINE START STOP” switch turned, to IGNITION ON mode to indicate that a system check is being performed.

N If a safety system warning light does not come, should a safety system light such as the ABS and SRS warning light not come, when you start the engine, this could mean that these systems not available, help protect you in an accident, which could result in death serious injury.

The vehicle inspected by your Lexus dealer immediately occurs, the multi-information display presents the driver with a variety of drivingrelated data, including the current outside air temperature, displays driving range, fuel consumption other cruising, l Intuitive parking assist display (if equipped).

L Dynamic radar cruise control display (if equipped), display items can be switched by, the temperature range that can be displayed.

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