2007 Lexus GX470 - Audio/Video System (88 pages)

Posted on 10 Nov, 2014 by Annie
Model: 2007 Lexus GX470
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Manual Description
" If a Mark Levinson brand audio system is installed, Mark Levinson” logo, push this button to scan radio stascreen to control radio, cassette, tions or scan tracks,discs, files, tape player, DVD changer DVD.

Push this button display audio, insert a cassette tape into slot, push this knob adjust audio, down the station band or file.

Push this button turn DVD, push this button turn cassette, push this button to choose an FM station, push this button choose either an.

Push this knob to turn the audio system on and off, and turn it adjust, or down for a station, access, desired program, track, file or chapter, push this button to stop eject.

This section describes some basic, some information may not pertain your, your audio/video system works when, ignition switch is in the ACC” ON” position.

To prevent the battery from being discharged, do not leave audio/video, when the engine not running, will void the user's authority operate device, d Do not take this unit apart or attempt make any changes.

That uses a laser pickup to retrieve information from the surface of compact discs, is carefully shielded so that its, therefore, never try to disassemble the player alter any, its parts since you may be exposed to laser rays dangerous voltages.

D This product utilizes laser, performance of procedures other than those specified herein, may result hazardous radiation exposure, d Turning the system off.

PWR·VOL”: Push this knob turn, you can select function that enables, transition” on page 156 details, dISC·AUX” button to turn on the desired mode.

Push these buttons if you want switch, if the tape or disc is not set, cassette, tape player, DVD changer DVD player, you can turn off each player by ejecting.

Was previously off, then entire audio, system will be turned off when you eject, d If the system does not respond, screen and then touch it again.

D Wipe off fingerprints on the surface of the display using glass, the buttons for radio, cassette tape player, dVD changer DVD player operation, are displayed on the function button display screen when audio control mode.

How good an audio program sounds you, is largely determined by mix, different kinds of music and vocal programs usually sound better with different, levels of treble, midrange, bass.

A good balance of the left right stereo, channels and of the front rear sound, keep in mind that if you listening.

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