2016 Lexus GX460 - Quick Guide (102 pages)

Posted on 7 Oct, 2015 by Alienvariety
Model: 2016 Lexus GX460
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Manual Description
The Quick Guide is not intended as a substitute your Owner's, manual and supplementary manuals so you will have better, understanding of your vehicle's capabilities limitations, adjusting the temperature for driver passenger seats separately.

(DUAL” mode)/driver, passenger rear seats separately, *: These features may be operated by Voice Command (See P, hands-free System For Cellular Phone (with multimedia system)*, how to register Bluetooth® phone65.

When the contacts empty 67, operating a telephone using the steering wheel switches 68, hands-free System For Cellular Phone (with navigation system)*, registering the contacts favorites list56.

Destination input  Search by address49, destination input  Search points of interest by name 51, destination input  Search points interest by category52, destination input  Search points of interest by phone number53.

Smart Access System with Push-button Start13, wide View Front & Side Monitor 29, wide view front & side monitor switch, use only floor mats designed specifically for vehicles of the same model model year.

Insert the retaining hooks (clips) into, turn the upper knob each retaining, hook (clip) to secure floor mats, the shape of the retaining hooks (clips) may differ from that shown illustration.

Smart access system with push-button start, to take out the mechanical key, slide, release lever and take key out, after using the mechanical key, store it.

Key together with electronic key, if the electronic key battery depleted, or the entry function does not operate, properly, you will need mechanical.

Check that the door securely locked, opens the windows moon roof*, opens the glass hatch (press hold), *: This setting must be customized your.

Smart Access System with Push-button Start, the following operations can be performed simply by carrying the electronic key your, person, for example in your pocket, for details on starting the engine, see page 16.

Grip the driver's door handle unlock, handle to unlock all doors, make sure to touch sensor, the doors cannot be unlocked.

*: The door unlock settings can be, touch the lock sensor (the indentation, on the upper part or lower part, front door handle) lock doors.

Unlocking and locking back door, press the button to pop up glass, the glass hatch can be opened even, when the back door locked.

For details on what to do when the electronic key does not operate properly, see page 100, the indicator light flashes after engine, switch has been turned off indicate that.

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