2017 Lexus GS350 - Owner's Manual (676 pages)

Posted on 20 Sep, 2016 by Annie
Model: 2017 Lexus GS350
File size: 66.41 MB

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Manual Description
The intrusion sensor and tilt sensor will automatically be re-enabled when the alarm system is deactivated. For the purpose of explanation, the following illustrations display all warning lights and indicators illuminated. However, if the instrument panel brightness has been manual y set to either the brightest or darkest setting, the automatic adjustment will not be performed.

This phenomenon is characteristic of liquid crystal displays, and there is no problem continuing to use the display. At extremely low temperatures, the information display monitor may respond slowly, and display changes may be delayed. For example, there is a lag between the driver's shifting and the new gear number appearing on the display.

In this case, immediately stop the vehicle in a safe place, and check the engine after it has cooled completely. Use this meter as a guideline when you wish to drive in an eco-friendly manner that reduces fuel consumption. Depending on the vehicle usage conditions, the brake fluid pressure display may not reach its maximum reading even though the brake pedal is fully depressed.

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